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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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we are at one of the hospitals where victims are being treated but we begin live at the scene. >> reporter: as you mentioned, they are just beginning to remove those two buses. they have two large cranes here on the scene. you can get a better look from news copter 7. this happened again just after 6:00 this morning. there were two bus drivers and 17 passengers involved. after this entire ordeal, there were two men who were actually able to make their way inside of the people get off. but they say all but two people were pinned and they couldn't get them out. >> i went in through the front glass. the glass was off. >> reporter: and this is what the inside of the new jersey transit bus looked like. flipped on its side. the 17 passengers on it, entangled in twisted metal seats, covered in glass. some of them bloody, others trapped. >> i was standing on the steering wheel. there's a lady laying there and
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which is an adult. and we have three other riders in the back that are underneath the chairs. >> reporter: it happened on the corner of raymond boulevard and broad street just after 6:00 a.m. in newark. one bus broadsided another. news copter 7, you can see one of the buses still up right. only the driver was inside the bus of the time. he died. >> we have preliminary data bus drivers may have went through a red light. >> the county prosecutor's office, fire investigators are in charge of this investigation. and they have begun the process of the difficult work of reconstructing exactly what happened. >> reporter: and this is cellphone video of the intersection turned tree age
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in the aftermath. so many people with need. >> i didn't know how to feel. >> reporter: again, a live look at the intersection of raymond boulevard and broad street here in newark. you can see where crews are in the process of removing the debris if the ground. and you can see the front end of a flat bed truck. it appears as if part of the mangled bus has been lo on to the tow truck. there was actually the first intersection in the state of new jersey to catch motorists running red lights. again, the cause of the accident is under investigation. the name of the deceased bus driver has not yet been released. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you. injured passengers were taken to several new jersey hospitals. we have more as we are live right now outside university hospital in newark.
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several of the passengers were taken. we are about a mile from the scene of the crash. right now, i just received some updated numbers from university hospital. they tell me 11 patients were taken here. of those 11, one person remains in critical condition, three listed as serious, three fair and of those four good, three have now been discharged. i spoke with one of those men and he said he considers himself extremely fortunate. this man calls him lucky to be alive. crash victims that were taken to university hospital. he describes being thrown from his seat. >> when i saw that, i don't know what happened. i just saw myself in the back. >> reporter: he shot this cellphone video from inside the bus. you can see a first responder making his way through. >> i was the only one in the back that was good. a lot of people injured. i saw one guy almost die. i don't know if he died. >> reporter: trauma victims
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to the hospital and have since been transferred to university hospital. and others were taken to other hospitals in elizabeth. some of these patients couldn't get out on their own. they had to be removed from the bus. and the new jersey transit police chief tells us he does expect everyone here to be okay. but certainly, a very scary situation for those involved as well as their families. live in newark, channel 7 a horrible accident. thank you. our coverage continues on abc7ny and you can hear more of the witness accounts. breaking right now, donald trump's campaign chairman has resigned. this week, he was bumped to chairman as trump brought in a new chief executive and manager. he joined the campaign just two months ago.
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trump debated asking him for it last week when he restructured leadership and that the writing was on the wall for the departure. new at noon, a woman is dead after a police chase early this morning in new jersey. we are told that the chase started at about 2:30 a.m. in newark. another person is hurt. and a suspect is in custody. we are sorting out all the details live in newark. aj-- >> reporter: lauren, i want to show you the incredible trail of damage this overnight police chase left behind. witnesses say the car police were after damaged several cars. you are looking at the remains of one here. and it pushed another car into a light pole and fence just behind me. and one young woman is dead and another is badly injured. >> the car on top of the fence. people screaming, hollering. and then i seen the police was all over the place.
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>> reporter: a chaotic scene shortly after 2:30 a.m. friday when sources say a police chase came tie tragic end along this sharp curve. >> a silver car in the air. and it was like, i don't know if it was like a camaro or challenger but another car crashed into the light which made it be on the sidewalk. >> reporter: investigators confirm a young woman on the nearby sidewalk died at the scene while another woman in of several damaged vehicles was severely injured. >> she was hurt. she bent down here. the police came over. and told her, get on the ground. and he realized that they weren't the suspects and then they put her in the ambulance and took her away. i guess him too. >> reporter: witnesses say it was a chain reaction with the suspect's car reportedly hitting and pushing several cars up on to the sidewalk and into the fence and light pole.
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suspect's car and police now have someone in custody. >> you think about it, you're glad it wasn't your child. you know? somebody doesn't have a child this morning. that's the sad part of it. >> reporter: for now, police aren't releasing the name of the female victim until all of her family has been notified. live in newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon, police are look for a suspect in a home invasion in queens that left a 60-year-old woman shaken. broke into a house on forest parkway and woodhaven this morning when the woman was alone. she was not hurt but she was taken to the hospital for observation. investigators are now examining surveillance video from the home. and now we turn to a developing story. we are finally hearing from olympic swimmer ryan lochte. he issued a three-paragraph statement online apologizing for his actions in rio where he
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morning, two u.s. swimmers who were being held in brazil arriving in miami after working out a deal with police. we have an update. >> reporter: hi. he says he has learned valuable lessons from all of this, explaining he waited to share the apology until it was clear that his teammates would be arriving back in the u.s. safely. olympic swimmer ryan lochte now saying he's sorry after reporting he and three teammates were robbed at gun in rio. posting on social media, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of the morning. initially telling nbc after a night of partying, they were targeted by armed men posing as police. >> the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead. >> reporter: but police claim this surveillance video tells a different story. you see one of the swimmers
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out of the bathroom where the owner says the men broke down a door. the guys are seen getting into their cab when they are confronted by this man, police say he is a gas station security officer who detained the athletes until they handed over $50. but the video cuts out for three minutes. the athletes insisting it was in that time that they were held up at gun point. forced to hand over about $400. miami friday morning. the fourth still in rio agreeing to pay $11,000 to a charity to get his passport back. >> he is the one who needs to be concerned because he's there. >> and still no full explanation for the conflicting accounts but in his apology, lochte said it was traumatic to be in a foreign country with a stranger pointing a gun and demanding money, adding regardless, he should have been
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a raging fire tears through a crowded block. >> we talk to neighbors on staten island about how they escaped and their devastating losses. plus, from marital bliss to a scramble for safety, a wedding goes into chaos when a car bomb explodes nearby. and new information about the zika virus. we know it's a big threat to developing babies and we're learning more about how it can affect adults as well. i'm bill evans here in the weather center. what a great start to the weekend. sunshine and as a matter of fact, we are already into the low 80s, 82, 38 degrees. and we will have ourselves a great afternoon into the weekend. we will talk about showers and thunderstorm i know you! [laughs]
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there are growing fears that the zika virus may have more lasting effects on adult patients than previously believed. researchers know the virus can cause birth defects including brain damage in newborns but scientists say there may be serious health consequences in adults, especially on brain function. the effects on adults have yet to be widely studied. and two new cases of zika beach are sparking concerns about tourism dollars in the area. the total cases in the city have risen to 35. officials were considering making miami beach a zika virus transmission zone but many worry that would be a huge blow to the $24 billion a year tourism industry there. officials are urging residents to to spray themselves with mosquito repellant. republican leaders
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on what the white house is calling leverage payed to iran exchange to prisoners released. they are calling it a ransom. and yesterday the state department said they used the payment which was sent in january as leverage in the release of several american prisoners. new video shows the aftermath of a car bombing outside of a police another car bomb rocked a police station in the city close to where a wedding was taking place. the bridegroom were not hurt but 20 police officers and -- the bride and groom were not hurt but 20 police officers were injured. today marks the 25th anniversary of the crown heights riots. the deadly violence in the
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devisions between jewish and black residents in brooklyn. the brooklyn president pressed for the expansion of a safety initiative. he wants more city funding for surveillance video run by local civic organizations that can be used to investigate crimes. >> we already have this ring of steel that protects property and those who are in manhattan district. brooklyns wants its own ring of steel. the dollar of what we're paying for ring of steel in manhattan. >> residents of crown heights plan to mark the anniversary with a family festival on sunday that's meant to foster unity. a picture perfect summer day but there's a big change coming this weekend. meteorologist bill evans has a look at the weekend exclusive accuweather forecast. mysterious bright light streaking across the sky. it sparked reactions on social
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what we now know about what caused the commotion. and legal trouble for the
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i love today. >> he's happy. >> i'm loving this. >> yeah. >> i'm loving the weather.
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to be cooler and drier. >> yeah, that's a good change. >> yeah, change for the better. let's take a look outside. puffy cloud, the fair weather clouds. they're the boats. there's serious boat traffic on the east river today. not just the regs, the circle line, the streak and the ferry boat, a lot of boats going up and down from all the resident boaters. we've got temperatures around 83. calm win. great weather. it's going to be this weekend. warm and humid tomorrow. saturday and sunday, saturday is the best day of the weekend because there's a thunder threat sunday. it's 84 at -- at teterboro. winds out of the north. it's going to go northeast. laguardia has a 12 miles per
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west, just nothing going on. there's two days of high pressure here that's going to be great. we're looking at 84, 58 this afternoon. tomorrow morning, we start out in the mid-70s. by afternoon, the flow around southeast. and yeah, the guidance is showing us showers popping up. really hasn't been happening a lot. so i wouldn't count on that. sunday however, you see 11:00, this batch of showers and thunderstorms to the west in pennsylvania. that will come in late in the day as a on and make it cooler and drier next week. temperatures around 84, 85, 87 for the afternoon. and then a great night tonight. 88 this afternoon. warm, maybe a little humid tonight. but a great summer's evening. and tomorrow, a high of 87. the exclusive accuweather forecast. this front comes through sunday evening, sunday night. from north to south. and there's showers and thunderstorms with that. not a lot. just a few. but one thing you will notice is the winds go north sunday
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70s monday and tuesday. and temperatures in the low and mid-60s. that's going to feel nice. >> yeah, i would like to do the newscast outside right now. let's go. >> why not? >> we have a whole other half hour. >> we do. >> thank you, bill. a hack attack at a major retailer. credit card thieves target the store. what shoppers need to know about the risk to their
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caught on camera, a sight that stopped drivers in their paths overnight. take a look at the bright light streak through sky in california. the video was posted on twitter and left people wondering what was going on above. the observatory says it was probably just a bright metayer but not part of the meteor shower which peaked last week. when a small cat got caught in a drainpipe in kansas, belt asked for help on facebook and a man -- beth asked for help on facebook. and a man responded. and he owns a plumbing company. he and two other men used fishing tape and a special camera to figure out where the kitten was stuck and then tied
12:25 pm
the tail. i don't know how they did that and they pulled the kitten out. the kitten named piper now livers with the family. very cute. piper. that's good. good catch. also caught on camera, a dust devil sweeping across -- dust devil sweeping across the airport in oklahoma. it briefly swirled near the runway. not a tornado, bill, you know that right? >> sure. >> a rotating calm of air that kicks up dust and dirt and dry, clear days but looks like a tornado. >> yeah, it's worse because it's the devil. >> right. >> and leaves dust everywhere. >> not fun to be in the path. >> thank you. new at noon, a security breach at a nationwide retailer. the north american stores were targeted by credit card thieve. the company said they found malware at about 350 stores. debit and credit cards used
12:26 pm
cards used online are safe. if you think you may have been a target, go to the company's website for more information. and if you would like to book a room at the waldorf astoria, you better do it now. they'll stop taking reservations after february 2017. last month, the owner announced they would convert a thousand rooms into luxury apartments. renovations will begin sometime in the spring. the hotel opened 58 years ago of famous guests, including every u.s. president since hoover. up in flame, homes destroyed and residents forced out by an inferno on staten island. and nonanes are talking to us
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two commuter buses collide in the heart of new jersey's largest city this morning, killing one driver and injuring no passengers onboard slammed into the side of another new jersey transit bus that was carrying about 20 passengers. this all happened about 6:00 a.m. in newark. investigators are trying to determine if the bus driver who died ran a red light. u.s. swimmer ryan lochte is apologizing for his behavior surrounding a late night incident in rio. lochte claimed he and three teammates were victims of an armed robbery but brazilian
12:30 pm
vandalized a gas station after a night of drinking and they were confronted by armed security guards. lochte says, quote, he should have been much more responsible. and hello again. it's 12:30. >> we begin this half hour with the latest on the fire that tore through half a dozen homes on staten island. two people were hurt. and 19 firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion. and some of the homes in st. george will be demolished this >> we are live at the scene now with more. >> reporter: well, the fire here in the st. george section of staten island was so consuming, so massive, it has left 42 people, half of them children, now homeless. the devastating blaze broke out around 6:00 last night and quickly spread to neighboring homes and six alarms.
12:31 pm
raging flames. two multi-family homes were completely destroyed. fiver other buildings were damaged. city officials will assess how many of those buildings will have to be torn down. firefighters say heavy smoke in the street was an obstacle in fighting the blaze. a spoke to a mother of four who believes the fire started in her building in the apartment above hers. she was able to escape with her four young children and their birth certificates but all photoses, all destroyed. >> i don't understand. i've never been through a fire in my life. and in a matter of seconds to lose everything you own is crazy. >> reporter: we're told 20 firefighters and three civilians were injured. one of those civilians in serious condition, all are expected to survive. this as the fire marshal now works to determine the exact cause of this devastating fire.
12:32 pm
home is still intact but it was filled with so much smoke last night he had to sleep outside in his van just to breathe. live in staten island, more on this coming up at 5:00, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we continue to follow a developing story in the race for the white house. donald trump's embattled campaign chairman is out. he resigned under a cloud of controversy. we have more on that plus the response from the clinton campaign. reporter: donald trump's campaign chairman is out of a job. he resigned under intense scrutiny for alleged payments he may have received while representing a pro-russian leader. he denies wrongdoing. the gop nominee shook up the management this week and we're already seeing the results. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
12:33 pm
i regret it. >> reporter: er the brash talking -- the brash talking republican appears to be changing his tone. today he is in louisiana to tour the flood damaged debate. he is pivoting to strike a more presidential look and this may be the person behind it. >> i hope that everybody who has criticized him at some point for being insensitive or mocking somee, at least shows some recognition and some forgiveness. >> reporter: the hillary rodham clinton camp launched skepticism calling it an act and saying donald trump started the campaign by insulting people. >> in hillary rodham clinton's america d. >> reporter: the ad wars are just getting started with trump putting out his first of the general election. a $4.8 million ad buy will run in four states. clinton's foundation will no longer accept or foreign or
12:34 pm
becomes president. reporting in washington, channel 7 eyewitness news. a clever clerk in new jersey outsmarted two men who walked into a store with guns drawn and threatening to rob the place. but it didn't go as planned. he was working at the boost mobile store on 10th avenue when the men barged in demanding money and cellphones. while the men looted the store, he snuck out the book back door, locked it, ran to the front and pu security gate. >> the iphones? we don't have iphone. any phone in the wall, you can take. >> the robbers were trapped for more than 20 minutes before prying their way out. some question why it took so long for police to arrive saying the hard part was already done, locked up there. the police director says internal affairs is looking into the slow response time. new york state and local
12:35 pm
drivers off the roads. the drive sober or get pulled over campaign is underway. and the governor says that he is directing state troopers to ramp up the enforce. as part of the national crack down. state officials say labor day is among the deadliest time of the year when it comes to drunk or drugged drivers. the focus has turned to recovery in louisiana where some neighborhoods still remain flooded. crews are trying to restore power where it's safe to do so. residents and developing a long-term relief strategy. more than 58,000 people have applied for assistance. at least 13 people have died. 40,000 homes are damaged. residents whose homes have repeatedly been damaged from flooding are feeling hopeless. >> i don't know where to go. i don't. i may leave the state because i captain live here in this. i can't endure this any longer.
12:36 pm
not visiting the fludara aged area. -- the flood ravaged area. and bill evans has the afternoon exclusive accuweather forecast. >> good weekend for the beach. the rip currents will be low. a nice north to northeast wind for a time, going southeast. and looking at 38 right now which is the normal average afternoon high. we may get to 87. but when the humidity remain, moderate to low, it feels great. and that's what we're going to afternoon. great afternoon for the beach and so is tomorrow. we will talk about sunday which is the transition day. and cooler, drier weather next week. back to you. >> thank you. a transgender woman gets hit in the head with a hammer while walking down a sidewalk in queens. and now police want to know was it a hate crime? and a four-legged hero. a dog pays the ultimate price for shielding a baby from a fire. and a remake of a classic
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a transgender woman was hit in the head with a hammer while walking down the sidewalk and police are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime. she was walk ago long 67th street wednesday morning. police say a man came up to her from behind and screamed, quote, this is what you get for being gay before hitting her. she was treated for serious
12:40 pm
hospital. the coast guard rescued two wilderness guides who were mauled by a trail in alaska. they were leading visitors when they were attacked. the air crew hoisted the man and woman to safety. they suffered several injuries and severe lacerations. a celebrity's big divorce settlement is going to two charities she felt got $7 million in the settlement she reache giving half to the children's hospital of los angeles and the other half will go to the aclu for efforts to stop violence against women. she had accused him of domestic abuse and got a restraining order against him. a remake of a big classic is headed to theaters this weekend. but will "ben-hur" live up to the $100 million hype? we have his review. >> reporter: if any story
12:41 pm
of ben-hur. which dates from before movies were invented. the biggest question to be answered today though is, why film it again? the story of ben-hur dates from 1880 and the first epic came before movies learned to talk. special effects sure have improved a lot since then. but while a final chariot race is indeed spectacular, the story is showing is signs of age and changes to the ening please fans of the 1959 version which starred charlton heston and won an astounding 11 oscars. that one is too long so i was glad the new film clocks in an hour shorter. but this say big story that requires big stars to match the spectacle. jack houston doesn't have enough to play this iconic role. >> what is your name?
12:42 pm
prince raised along side his adopted brother but they part as young men and become advisers when he becomes a roman soldier -- roman soldier occupying jerusalem. >> reporter: he causes ben-hur to be enslaved for five years and his escape after an attack at sea is the first place the film comes alive. but no one here has enough power to hold morgan freeman shows up as on a chariot race to resolve their differences. >> you will have your vengeance. >> reporter: the finale is exciting but there's a lot of movie to sit through before the pay-off and too much afterwards. >> okay. for me, this worthy effort doesn't quite deserve some of the worst reviews of the summer. the post gave "ben-hur" zero stars.
12:43 pm
question, why film again? truth be told, there's no good reason to remake this one. >> coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a look at another movie out today. a very i'll explain this afternoon. >> you like that one better? >> oh, yes. >> okay. >> whew. >> unbelievably true story. >> yes. >> maybe if you just go back and read from 1880, would that be better? >> oh, not so much. >> probably a long book. >> yeah. >> thank you. a popular shoe maker is under fire. why a couple is taking crocs to
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
animal cruelty charges. police say left her two dogs on the balcony of her apartment building and the animals were left in full sun exposure, no shade and no way to get back into the apartment. officers responded and one dog died at the scene. the other was treated at the animal shelter. it is unknown how long she had left the dogs out on the balcony. >> another story with an animal. an 8-month-old baby in maryland survived a fire wi help of a dog. when the mother looked back, the house was engulfed in flames. she says she could hear the baby crying so she and neighbors unsuccessfully tried to kick the door down. firefighters found her dog lying on top of the baby, covering her from most of the flames. the dog did not survive. >> my first baby. he was like two when i lost
12:48 pm
don't lose her. it's all i have. and it just happened so fast. i don't understand it. i don't know why this happened. >> paramedics revived the baby and she has severe burns on her face and warm and a leg. she says the condition is still day-to-day. a texas couple is suing footwear maker crocs after a resort after their 2-year-old son, his foot got caught in an escalator. it happened during a family trip to hawaii. the laws boy's foot became entangled and sucked into a space between a step and the side wall of the escalator at a hotel. >> the left foot was sucked into the left side of the escalator and by the time it stopped, we could really only see, you know, his ankle and the rest was completely gone. >> the lawsuit claims the shoes were, quote, negligently and
12:49 pm
maintaining the escalator safety. both did not comment on the pending littation. a man from indiana is attempting a record-setting endurance swim across lake michigan. right now, the 51-year-old scott wolf on her journey. he began last night in chicago. the 120-mile swim back and forth across lake michigan is expected to take at least 70 hours. he is wearing only a bathing suit, swim cap and goggles and he is being escorted by a support boat. you can't see much there. is to raise awareness of the importance of clean water. >> obviously just walking into the water there but looking for -- >> swimming -- >> at night. >> in the dark there. >> i would last seven minutes. he is going for 70 hours. and that boater is -- and that water is not particularly warm. >> i would be afraid of the sharks. >> really? in the lake? so silly. >> you caught me. >> you two are too smart for me. yeah, the water
12:50 pm
about 72. 70, 7, the you need a wet suit. let's take a look outside at noontime. clouds, breaks of sun and a nice afternoon. talk about a great way to get into the weekend. look at the dew point, way off from the temperature. as we always say. the closer the dew point is to the air temperature, the more moisture there is. dry humidity, calm wind, falling pressure just a little bit. high pressure is making for great weather. lots of suv, pollen count low. be ragweed season next month. 85 around newark. wind out of the north. keeps the humidity away. north wind during the day keeps the humidity away. and the clouds too. you can see just partly cloudy skies all we got going here but the ridge is right over us. it's sunny and warm for the afternoon. we're at 88 degrees. the humidity will remain low. tonight's' great night. it's clear and warm. and i'm calming it warm because 67, 68 is the normal overnight low.
12:51 pm
a great summer's evening, and tomorrow, a nice day on saturday. water temperature 79. and low risk at the national weather service weekend for rip currentsful. a showers and thunderstorms comes in late tomorrow. north to south. we call that a back door front and drops the temperature to 70 at night. you can see over the weekend, mid-70s. so 70 sunday night. and then monday, look at this, 81. tuesday 81. wednesday, 85. a nice day. the humidity really doesn't start to come back 'til thursday. in the northeast in new england because we get this break from the committee the humidity. the front that's going south stops about dc. so they'll still have the heat and humidity there. by then again, some people believe there's a lot of hot air in washington, d.c. it will still be there. >> really? >> that's what some people say. i don't get involved. >> have a great weekend. >> too. if. >> yeah. we'll be right back.
12:52 pm
>> we are serving up delicious summer suppers. we are teaming up to make
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it is time for the feed. and we all post a lot on social media. turns out it says a whole lot about us. >> oh. bad. >> hmm. >> well, there was research that was done on depression. and a computer program was able to detect depression by what people share. researchers at harvard if and the university of vermont used the program to analyze the photos of 166 people on instagram and it correctly identified which users were clinically depressed with 70%
12:56 pm
they gauged on? how the frown looked? how the smile looked? >> they posted dark pictures. >> really dark pictures of dark things. >> it's dark. >> it was dark. >> couldn't tell. a case of alleged marital infidelity wound up paying off for the victim. she put her wedding dress on ebay. she said her husband cheated on her and she wanted to use the money she made to pay for a divorce. after the ebay posting went up, social media, and bids are at about $86,000 for the dress. >> whoa. >> the description. in the description, the seller mentions the dress needs to be dry cleaned to get rid of the stench of betrayal. but she says she forgives her ex and wishes him happiness. >> there you go, move on. >> forgive, don't forget. a mother's funny letter to
12:57 pm
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